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Hi, trying to use winscp to downloading files from ftp every hour, while user is working on computer

using bat:
@echo off /ini=nul /script=update.txt > log.txt

open ftp://qweqwe:qweqwe@localhost/
# Upload file
get /ZUP.exe C:\temp\ZUP.exe
# Exit WinSCP

Testing on my computer. But I cannot hide console window, it is pops up every time when winscp is called and then hides after 2-3 seconds if it connects to ftp normaly, and after 10 seconds if ftp server is offline. Users will be mad if they will see blinking windows every hour Sad
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You can use winscp.exe instead of, if you do not want WinSCP to open console window.

But in your case, only inherits a console window on the parent batch file (cmd.exe). So it won't help. You have to hide a console window of the batch file in the first place.

Or you can avoid using the batch file, as it contains one command only anyway. Instead, run winscp.exe directly. Though then you won't be able to use output redirection.

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