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To whom it may concern

I was develop simple Function for Connect SFTP Server and Put File via VB6. Also, I was confirm that my code works fine.
After a few months, I receive E-mail from my clients that said too many SFTP connection were encountered.

Their request is below :
Polling of Directories and File Transfer Rate
- SFTP Users may not poll their directories more than once per minute.
- Maximum number of file transfers per account per hour not to exceed 300.(They told to me that Our Connection per hour is 800.)

My Function is called by Program 4 times per every day. So It is impossible that Our Connection per hour is almost 800. But It is happend.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the cause of the Problem from My Function.
I would be grateful if you could check my Code and Find the problem if you could.

Here is my CODE below :

Public Function SendSFTP_By_WINSCP(Addr As String, _
                                   Uid As String, _
                                   Attach As String, _
                                   FileName As String, _
                                   HostKey As String, _
                                   sPPK As String, _
                                   Optional Pwd As String = "", _
                                   Optional remotePath As String = "", _
                                   Optional mkdirDirectory As String = "") As Boolean
On Error GoTo err

    ' Connection Option
    Dim session
    Dim sessionOptions
    Set session = New session
    Set sessionOptions = CreateObject("WinSCP.SessionOptions")
    Dim myTransferOptions As New TransferOptions
    If sPPK <> "" Then
         With sessionOptions
            .SshPrivateKeyPath = App.path & "\SSH_PPK\" & sPPK
            .PortNumber = 22
            .Protocol = Protocol_Sftp
            .HostName = Addr
            .UserName = Uid
            .SshHostKeyFingerprint = HostKey
        End With
    ElseIf Pwd <> "" Then
         With sessionOptions
            .PortNumber = 22
            .Protocol = Protocol_Sftp
            .HostName = Addr
            .UserName = Uid
            .Password = Pwd
            .SshHostKeyFingerprint = HostKey
        End With
        GoTo err
    End If
    ' Binary Mode로 고정
    myTransferOptions.TransferMode = TransferMode_Binary
   ' Connect
    session.DisableVersionCheck = True
    session.Open (sessionOptions)

    If mkdirDirectory <> "" Then
        If (session.FileExists(mkdirDirectory) = False) Then
            session.CreateDirectory (mkdirDirectory)
        End If
    End If
    ' UpLoad File
    Dim transferResult As TransferOperationResult
    Set transferResult = session.PutFiles(Attach, remotePath & FileName, False, myTransferOptions)

    ' Throw on Any Error
    If transferResult.check Then
        SendSFTP_By_WINSCP = False
        SendSFTP_By_WINSCP = True
    End If

    ' Dissconnect, Clean Up
    Set sessionOptions = Nothing
    Set session = Nothing

Exit Function

' Exception Error
    SendSFTP_By_WINSCP = False
    Set sessionOptions = Nothing
    Set session = Nothing
End Function

The dubious part that I think is ' Dissconnect, Clean Up Section. In my opinion, session.Close should be added before session.dispose.
But I confused Because I don't know about difference between session.close and session.dispose.

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Sorry, but your post does not include enough information.

Anyway, if you call SendSFTP_By_WINSCP four times a day with FileName being a specific file (not a file mask), it will transfer four files a day. And create four connections a day. Except if the connection breaks and WinSCP have to reconnect and resume the transfer. There's nothing we can tell you more without any evidence (log files or anything).

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