gssapi32.dll, not found



gssapi32.dll, not found


So the company I work for has customized Putty, and included GSSAPI support. I use it for my putty log-in, and it works beautifully.

When I try to check the use kerberos auth in WinSCP, I get the MIT kerberos 5 GSSAPI no found, you need to install it before using this feature.

I find this a bit puzzling, because that is installed as part of the cutomized putty.

Now my co-workers can just check that box in WinSCP and they are off to the races.

I've uninstalled, re-installed both WinSCP and Putty, and all putty's associated applications. How can I get WinSCP to recognize that the dll it needs is avail thru putty?

Also, if there is some registry edit that could be made, I'm happy to attempt it.

History is that I had WinSCP 3.6.8 installed and non-kerberized versions of putty installed previously, but have uninstalled them.

Logs of attempts to connect using keberos turned on in WinSCP show error of gssapi32.dll not found.

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Re: gssapi32.dll, not found

Where do you have the gssapi32.dll? Is it in PATH?
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