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I have a strange one. Every time I use IE and I type in a www addres, winscp insists on running and loggin in to an account. It doesn't matter which saved session.

I can't cancel as I then cannot go anywhere with IE.

It doesn't do this if there is a http:// in front but I am not going down that route and typing in http every time.

Has anyone experienced this before and does anyone have a solution they can suggest for me please.




I have just worked out that this is only applicable when I am accessing a local web address.

By local I mean, I am connected to an internal "public ip" network. Connected to this via routers are our web servers and other gear facing the net.

The web server has our private IP class attached to it.

It is when I type our web site address that this problem occurs. We use Winscp for all file transfers to the web server regardless of where we are - in office, out of office.

When I type an external site address I do not get the problem. So something appears to be configured which makes sinscp think that a tunnel or some such is required before local addresses can be accessed.

I hope that makes sense.
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I haven't heard about the problem so far.

It is IE, or rather Windows, that decides what application to run to handle particular protocol. If you do not specify the protocol (http) in the URL, IE tries to guess it. For some unknown reason it thinks that proper protocol is SFTP or SCP and run WinSCP to handle it. Anyway, I do not think that it is problem of WinSCP, but rather of IE.
Martin Prikryl

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