Delay Option before Sync starts



Delay Option before Sync starts

Sorry if this already posted - I couldn't find a similar request.

When using 'Keep Remote Directory Up To Date' on machine running XP Pro,
it would be useful to have an option which applies a delay (ideally upto 10's of minutes) before WinSCP attempts to sync the file to the remote directory.

This would solve two issues.

1) When a large file is added to the local directory e.g. 240Mb, WinSCP immediately
attempts to sync the file to the remote directory before the adding of the file to the local directory has completed.
This causes the following error requiring a user response:
"1 error(s) occured during last operation. Do you want to see it/them?"

Clicking OK to this a second dialog appears with:
"Can't open file (the file in question)"

Clicking OK to this and the copying starts OK. This is because by the time the dialogs have been navigated the placing of the file in the local directory has completed, so WinSCP can now read the file
and the transfer completes successfully.

The delay would avoid this by having WinSCP react long after the file addition has completed.

2) This would also be useful when files are being edited by an editor totally external to WinSCP,
such as Word, as it will prevent WinSCP reacting everytime a file is saved during an edit session.

A workaround would be to use WinSCP via the XP Scheduler, but this incurs the overhead
of having to re-sync the directories (across the internet via VPN) everytime WinSCP is restarted
and negates the advantage of once directories are sync'd only the changes being sent across VPN.

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Re: Delay Option before Sync starts

OK, I'll consider that.
Martin Prikryl

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