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WinSCP is great (that's already established).

Can the developers please add an new feature that will allow remote_site-to-remote_site secure file transfer.

If WinSCP can connect to one remote site securely how hard can it be to connect to a second remote site securely???????

Perhaps WinSCP could start normally (as it does now) then allow switching from the local directory to a second remote site. That would help alot.

Aside: Perhaps there could be a new feature item listed under the current top level "Local" menu that allows a new login to a remote site in-place-of the current local directory listing. (best in commander mode)

The main difficulty:
I connect to several remote sites and I'm forced to upload-download to my PC and then upload-download to the second remote site every time I want to transfer a file between sites. I really only want to use my PC as a communications terminal for remote control, not an intermediate file server. Big downloads take a stupid amound of time because of the asymetry of the cable modem connection I'm force to pass data at 40 kbytes/second - mind numming.

Please add site_to_site transfer. Please. Please.
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This is quite complex thing to do. There are no plans for this in coming year(s) Sad Sorry.
Martin Prikryl

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