Passing String Variable to Winscp lcd command



Passing String Variable to Winscp lcd command


I have a problem passing a string variable to the lcd parameter in winscp commandline.

What I am doing and that works:
-using a .vbs Script with the needed code. I will give the users only the compiled .exe of the script so the credentials remain hidden for "normal users"
-I start the Script in the folder with the files I want to upload
-then the Script changes the CurrentDirectory to the parentfolder where the Winscp-Executables (.com / .exe) are stored.
-then I call winscp with the commandline "open sftp..." "cd on remote machine" "lcd D:\" "put filetobeuploaded.pdf" "close" "exit"
-all of the above mentioned works fine

The problem is:
-I want to pass to the lcd parameter a string variable with another directory
-so CurrentDirectoy remains the same, but the file to be uploaded is stored in the child folder, where the user has executed the .vbs script first
-something like: "lcd & my_String_with_Path"

Why do I want this:
-an unskilled user has to upload special files from time to time to a website, not knowing the credentials for the server
-i provide for each pdf-document one windows folder with the document and the regarding .vbs script to upload it compiled in an .exe file
-in the parentfolder i want to store the winscp.exe / files, so I needn't have to store it in each folder

Can you please tell me if it is possible to pass a string variable containing a path to the lcd parameter. If so, could you please post an example with the correct syntax? Do I have to use "&" like in VBA to concatenate strings or do I have to use how many double-quotes?

Until now I have invested several hours looking for an solution, but I still missing the right script. I know that I can pass parameters from a batch file, but this won't help me.

Thanks in advance, would be great to get this problem solved!

Kind regards,

Dirk from Germany

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