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Hi Martin,

I am pretty new to WinSCP and I have several problems.

How do I make the connection stable? I tried to mark the option for sending null files each minute and set the server time out on 65 seconds. But this configuration and/or settings does'nseem to take any effect at all. The server times out after 15 seconds (default setting) and no null files/packets are sent over to the other server. How do I go about this? You know, when you want something to be downloaded throughout the night, you go to sleep and in the morning you wake up and you get this message Confused

I am using the lastest version of WinSCP on WinXP PRO, and my system is P4 2,53 with 512 DDR.

The second error, which I found just now, is that I get a message box with "gethostbyname: unknown error". What is this?

Thanx for you hel, man

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Joined: 2003-04-02
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Hello again,

I read some of the other articles here on this forum a could make out some changes in the settings. Well, the first problem was the saving, so now I know it has to be set as defaul. I am using WIN XP Pro. Here is my configuration of WinSPC:

Logging is enable (no file, no window)
My shell is /bin/bash
Return code variable is on autodetect
Lookup user groups - on
Clear aliases - on
Ignore LS warnings - on
Clear national variables - on
Alias LS to display group name - off
Use scp2 with scp1 compatibility - off
EOL characters - LF (Unix)
Server response timeout - in 65 sec
Sending of null packets - on
Minutes btw. keepalives - 1 min
Proxy - none
SSH - Enable compresion - Number 1 is selected

I think this is it. Please let me know about what in these settings is wrong, because a few minutes ago the same error occured. The message box said: "the server timed out after 15 seconds"

So the change in 65 seconds didnt help at all, or the message box is plain text, or the null packet sending won't help, or there is some other mistake that I can't make out.

Thanx a lot


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