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I have been noticing for a while now a problem that I can easily replicate. I have 30 files of various sizes from 1K and up that I upload from my local Windows XP machine to a UNIX box running Solaris. Three of those files are larger than 100K.

On the server side, these 30 files exist and are simply overwritten with the new ones. The file ownership on all of these files is set to nobody:other to allow for read/write access via a Perl script.

The problem is this -- 27 of those files are overwritten successfully and the file ownership remains set to nobody:other and read/write access continues to the updated file. BUT for the three files that are larger than 100K, the file ownership is automatically changed to root:other -- as a result, these three files can not be written to via my Perl script. When I go in and manually change the file ownership on the three files back to nobody:other, normal read/write access resumes and all is well.

Any suggestions on how I can get WinSCP to keep the original ownerships on these three larger files would be much appreciated!
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You need to disable support for transfer resuming. When enabled, files over certain size (by default 100 kB) are first transferred into temporary file, and only after that they are renamed to the target name. This makes them get ownership of the user logged in.
Martin Prikryl

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