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Hi all

After I logged in to my webserver winscp displays:
- Error listening directory "/usr/home/mydir".
- Unexpected directory listing line "".

After I click OK winscp displays some files from my home directory.

I'm able to upload a file.

After the upload finishes 3 ASSERTS get fired.
- Assertion failed: Terminal->Files->IndexOf(ITEMFILE) >= 0, file C:\Martin\Projekty\WinSCP2\components\UnixDirView.cpp, line 297

[OK] - Click -
Abnormal program termination.

I get this error every time I log on and I was never able to get a complete directory listing.

Is this a known bug and planed to fix?



After some testing I found out what happend.

The problem is caused by a hidden symlink pointing to a directory which has a trailing newline character in its name.
Since the symlink is owed by root and I don't have root access I cannot solve the problem by myself.

To reproduce the problem you don't need a hidden symlink.
Just create a directory with a trailing newline inside of a test dirrctory and copy a file into the test directory.

The command
$perl -e "mkdir \"adir\n\";"
will create such a directory with a trailing newline.


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