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64 bit version available soon ???

I need to comment about this: In low performance x86 computers the use of a 64bit binary instead of 32bit binary has a direct impact in performance of around 35%. The root cause is the small code footprint caused of the large numbers of CPU registers. However, in regular or highend CPU the impact is negligible.

So, before someone comment that this doesn't have sense: The migration from 32bit to 64bit in the x86 platform today is a high requirement, because all running x86 CPUs have 64bit support and the increase of the memory footprint is negligible.

This doesn't apply to other platforms, but the lack of sufficient CPU registers in the x86 32bit ABI has a huge negative impact in the performance. That's the real reason to migrate to 64bit in the x86 platform and not the memory limit of 4GB, as some memory extensions exist for years to overcome this limit even with the 32bit ABI.

I hope it helps.

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