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Alexis Tamas



When I use versions up to 3.7.4 (included) on Win2000 SP2, WinSCP works normally.

When I use version 3.7.5, 3.7.6 or 3.8.0, WinSCP is running but it is running *VERY* slowly. In the task manager, I can see that it takes 95-99% of the CPU and it is not possible to quit the program normally.

Do you need more information/testing ?

Alexis Tamas


What are you doing when the CPU is pegged? Is it only when transferring files?

I notice high CPU usage in general, but it is tolerable when using the "transfer on background".

When the transfer occurs in the foreground, such as during a sync, I experience sluggishness in all other applications due to WinSCP hogging CPU. This can be alleviated by setting the transfer speed slider to slightly less than 100%.

I believe the problem may be related to buffer size conflicts as mentioned here, but I'm not sure. I hope the WinSCP maintainers can figure it out. I am willing to help test further, if they will give us guidance on what to try.

Also, is there a reason you are using Win2000 SP2 instead of SP4?

Thank you mjbrown for your reply.

Actually, CPU is pegged when I do... nothing at all ! The problem begins as soon as WinSCP starts and ends as soon as WinSCP is killed (via the task manager).

Every version of WinSCP I tested before version 3.7.5 runs normally (for now, I use version 3.7.4).

The only change I can see in WinSCP since version 3.7.5 is the GUI appearence. So I think this problem may have something to do with the new GUI management by the program.

(there is no reason for me to use SP2 instead of SP4, I just miss time to update).
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Does it happen always? Isn't it affected by certain layout of window? Do CPU usage change if you resize the window or controls on the window?
Martin Prikryl
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I have noticed the same thing. I am using Windows XP service pack 2. Windows layout does not matter and always happens. My CPU is so pegged sometimes I can not move the window. I have stop using it altogether, waiting on an update to see if the problem will go away.
Alexis Tamas


Yes, it always happens using versions 3.7.5, 3.7.6 or 3.8.0, whatever theme I select in the preferences.

The problem starts when the main WinSCP window is displayed (once connected) not before. Then, I can use WinSCP normally except that the CPU is always somewhere between 90% and 100% (I can resize the main window).

When I quit the program, the window closes but the process 'winscp380.exe' is still running, the CPU still at 100% on it, and I have to kill the process manually. Then my CPU is back.

Using prior versions, everything works perfectly.

Tell me if I can help further (by testing some options, pre-release or test version or so).


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