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Hello and thank you for a nice piece of software Mr. Green

I'm sorry, as I am not too sober at the moment. But I try to make sense.

The question is;
Would it be possible to do the following:

When a transfer is started (normal or background mode) WinSCP should store the files in queue that are not working. -- E.g. there is a conflict of allowed characters with Windows and Linux --.

At the end of the transfer all the user interaction takes place.

This means that you are able to start any humongous transfer, go out with your girlfriend and enjoy the evening without having to worry if the Really Big Transfer stops after the second file Due To Some Ancient Injury Laughing

Would be very neat, like Opera and Firefox starting the download before the you choose the storing location.

Ok, there goes my request. If this is already in your software, please tell old dumb me how to do it Rolling Eyes Laughing

Thanks a lot for now and have a good one!


Damn! Embarassed

Can you move this to feature requests pls Embarassed

Thanks a bunch!
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WinSCP application has option "continue on error". This is not available for the SS plugin yet. I may add it.
Martin Prikryl

martin wrote:
WinSCP application has option "continue on error". This is not available for the SS plugin yet. I may add it.

Yes please do so. If I upload large files (~250MB) to a server I have regulary stops on network errors or server does not respond for x seconds error. This is very annoying, cause all I have to do then is to press ignore or retry. It would do me(us) a great favor, if that would be handled automatically.


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