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I have successfully installed and am running WinSCP on a Thinkpad running Xandros 3.0 Linux and Crossover 4.1. Crossover is the commercial development of the Linux Wine project that allows execution of many Win 32 applications on Linux platforms without the need to install a copy of Windows. Crossover 4.1 is packaged with Xandros 3.0 and Crossover 5.1 is available from Codeweavers, its developers, and can be installed on most Linux distributions.

WinSCP is installed using the standard Crossover Office installation application which executes the Setup applications designed for Windows. Windows users will notice that the upper portion of WinSCP may flicker as it refreshes the screen and the location of features in this portion of WinSCP is different than the Windows display. This might be a video driver issue that could vary among video adapters. Neither of these differences affect the functionality of WinSCP. So far, this is the only difference I have seen in WinSCP running on Xandros/Crossover.

So, Bravo, WinSCP developers, for making migration from Windows to Linux a little easier, since we WinSCP users get rather spoiled by its feature set.

Xandros Linux <invalid link removed>

Codeweavers Crossover

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