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This is a GREAT proggie. Having played with it for the last 12 hours, the only thing I would add is a numerical representation of file permissions in the 'properties' box, such as 666, 755, 777, blah, blah and blah. Guess I'm too lazy to look them up... Smile

Anyway, thanks for a SUPER proggie!!! It makes WS_FTP Pro look like a kiddie script...

I agree,. I would also like to be able to enter the numerical valuce for chmod insted of having to check the check bokes


Thanks a lot for allowing octal permissions in WinSCP 3.1 - very handy. But two more things would be great:
- Please allow us to use permissions in this format for the upload options too.
- Please allow 4 digits for the octal code. This allows us to set the setgid bit which is not otherwise possible. For explanation of what the setgid bit is, see this link:

<invalid link removed>

Here are some excerpts from that page:

setgid bit on Directories

If you set the setgid bit on a directory (with chmod g+s directory), files created in that directory will have their group set to the directory's group.

To allow the users to actually create files in the directory you enter:

chmod 775 /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp

But when a user creates a new file it is assigned the group of the user's default group (usually users). To prevent this you enter:

chmod 2775 /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp


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