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Hi, folks

I'm new to this whole thing, and am going on advice from a tech guy on what I need to do. I'll tell you what I am trying to do and maybe someone can help me out.

I need to establish a folder on my computer at school as a drive on my home computer, as one might using a local microsoft network. Apparently, this can be done using SSH to "Tunnel" through the various firewalls set up at school, and set up a direct link between the two computers. Apparently, I can do this at home on my XP machine, using "PPTP", apparently.

This is great, but I have absolutely no idea where to start. I have downloaded SSH onto my school computer, and will download it onto my home computer tonight. I am guessing I need to establish some type of settings on my school computer to recognize my home computer, but I don't know how to do that- if I try to start WinSCP, it is immediately looking for a host.

This is also complicated by the fact that my home computer has a floating IP, so it is rarely the same twice between logins.


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