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I have looked all over this area and cannot see where it is addressed. (SORRY if it has already been addressed.)

This is NOT an earthshattering request but it is an item that bugs me. When I drag and drop from WinSCP to the desktop the file is placed at the next open place on the desktop's left handed location. (I set the desktop to "Align to grid" but NOT "Auto arrange".)

Most other FTP clints I have tried place it where dropped (Specifcally WS_FTP does this but in many ways is inferior to WINSCP which I greatly prefer.)

Since I often have multiple windows open while debugging PHP code it is frustrating to have to look for the file on the left when the place to which I dragged it may be my ONLY available desktop real estate.

As a workaround I use a "WORK" folder but that is yet another open folder further cluttering up the desktop.

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This is known drawback of drag&drop shell extension. You can disable it, if you can accept other drawbacks of having it disabled Smile
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That is very sad but I see the problem... I guess I'll have to work from another (as I am doing now) folder until this is addressed by MS.

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