WinSCP Network Error Problem



WinSCP Network Error Problem


Hi everyone,

I have installed WinSCP in our SOHO network sucssfully wherein I could scp from a windows client to the linux machine's Static IP, Class C Address of say From the local network, I had no problems whatsoever with WinSCP, but when I tried testing it outside our network, that's where the problem came in.

My questions are:

1. I have tried using WinSCP from a remote machine to connect to the linux box in our local network via dialup networking but so far got an error message - Connection Refused or Connection Timed Out.

Is our router getting in the way of the WinSCP?

2. From the remote client, I have supplied the host with our static ip address of say, and given out the correct port number for SSH and user name and password but still could not get in. Do I need another Static IP address for this procedure from the standpoint of the client connecting? Moreover, should I enable tcp wrappers /etc/hosts.allow - the static ip of the client connecting?

3. I have set up a DMZ on the router/gateway with the same ip of the SSH Server. I have also disabled the DHCP service on the router.

4. And for my final question, I have a spare linux box which I intend to put in place in between our router/gateway hardware device and our local intranetwork as an added security measure. Will this configuration and lay out be possible?

Is there anyone who can help me or at least give me some additional steps on how to make this work?

Thanks very much! Appreciate it. :D

Yours sincerely,

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