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Good Morning,

I was just working with both PuTTY and WinSCP on the same machine, and with Putty I've deleted a directory (lets say it was /opt/a/b before, and I've deleted a (and b)). In WinSCP /opt/a/b was the current directory, but as it's gone now, hitting Enter while on .. won't butch, because the directory doesn't exist, then I've hit Enter again (while the cursor was on ..), and I got the error again, okay, all clear so far, but suddenly I was in the root, the top of the Window was showing "../../..", and when I hit Enter in the root while I'm on .. the path expands (to "../../../.." and so on), what he hasn't done before...
Maybe the author could fix this, and change the behaviour of the program, so it changes to the root automatically when a 'cd' (into whatever directory) fails.

Best regards
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Thanks for letting me know.
Martin Prikryl

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