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I've tried WinSCP with linux host and it has worked fine.
With windows host I can't to connect to Fresshd server (but the PuTTY sessions creates fine!) and only receive errors:

. 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 We believe the server has signed timestamps bug
. 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 We will use UTF-8 strings for status messages only
. 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Changing directory to "C:\Documents and Settings".
. 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Getting real path for 'C:\Documents and Settings'
> 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Type: SSH_FXP_REALPATH, Size: 34, Number: 16
< 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Type: SSH_FXP_STATUS, Size: 24, Number: 16
< 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Status/error code: 4, Message: 16, Server: Failure, Language:
* 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 (ECommand) Error changing directory to 'C:\Documents and Settings'.
* 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Cannot get real path for 'C:\Documents and Settings'.
* 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 General failure (server should provide error description).
* 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Error code: 4
* 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Error message from server: Failure
* 2006-06-15 14:44:28.765 Request code: 16
And so on...

How can I convert windows-like pathnames to unix-like pathnames?
Or can your soft to work with windows Freesshd server?


I've found the solution in fresshd forum.
In the default FreeSSHDService.ini there is

I've changed to
Now it's work fine!
Thank you for your software!

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