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On my previous machine, I was running an older version of WinSCP, and I had it configured so that the return/enter key would initiate a copy.

I have moved my work to a new machine and installed WinSCP 3.7.4, and I haven't found a way to set it up so this works. Instead, return (or double-click) tries to open the file using whichever program is configured to handle that filetype. This is almost never what I want to do.

I tried switching to F5, but that always brings up a confirm dialog.

Can I please have back the ability to copy a file from the local to remote host (or vice versa) with a single keystroke? Preferably "enter"? Is this ability hidden somewhere that I'm not aware of?

In case it's not obvious, I'm using the two-pane "Norton Commander" interface.
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See option Operation to perform on double-click.
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martin wrote:

Thanks. It's located in a different spot in WinSCP 3.7.4 - the "Environment" tab, but I found it and now have the behavior I want.

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