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is there a chance that WinSCP may capable of mounting a drive (like SSHFS)? This would enable the user to use the remote files directly in any application without having to copy it first.

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I do not know how to do that.
Martin Prikryl


First, sorry for my bad english.
I try sftpdrive and webdrive and both are bad.

Sftpdrive is slow as hell, even more than winscp.
I wanted to be able to read a video from a drive mounted by ssh, and sftpdrive perfs are clearly not good enough.

Webdrive don't offer me a "direct buffer", speed is fine, but we can't read from the mounted drive like streaming.

Finally, i found a quite heavy (cpu/ram/disk-space) solution, but it work very well and very fast (a lot more than winscp).

I use "andlinux" minimal distribution who run on windows.
Then, i have a custom ubuntu gusty who run in my windows os.
I re-install openssh with the hpn patch to enable hight speed transfer :
I install sshfs, and i share my directory with samba.

On the windows side, i mount the network directory as a drive.

It's a bit heavy but if you need this feature and have some ram/cpu to spare, it work very well and it's very fast.

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