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I've been asked to help a faculty member find a solution to the attached question. I'm not at all familiar with what he's trying to do but in doing some prelimiary research I believe WinSCP is a possible solution. Can someone confirm that based on his question, which follows?

Thanks to all.

want a client - let's call it xxFtp which can be run like:

xxFtp -c script.ftp

where script.ftp is some text file with ftp commands in it maybe like (I am making this up):

errlog c:\webstuff\upload\logs
user xxxxx
password mybigsecret
cd core1
cd docs
cd csci/xxxxx
cd apps
local cd c:\webstuff\apps
for each fle in *.gif
x = remotetime $fle
if x < time $fle
then put $fle
end for


Kind of like a mini-bash for managing an ftp connection.
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Attempt to translate your pseudo-code into WinSCP script:

winscp /console /script=script.ftp /log=c:\webstuff\upload\logs

cd core1
cd docs
cd csci/xxxxx
cd apps
lcd c:\webstuff\apps
option include *.gif
synchronize remote

Martin Prikryl
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I'll forward it to the faculty memeber.

Thanks Again.

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