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I have a DSL connection at home and I have recently installed one of these cheap routers. Since I've installed the router I cannot list directories anymore, although logging in works fine. I have added port 22 TCP to the NAT but it didn't help. Which other ports are needed? This is SCP, SFTP is not supported by the server.


I also have a dsl connection and router (tho mine wasn't cheap:P ) but all has been fine with winSCP install -- that is, it was until the other day.

Even after increasing the time connection period, after connecting, winSCP stalls and reports that the server is not responding to the request to list (remote) directories. wah.

The stall that ensued, I should mention, started co-incidentally (perhaps) immediately after the last windoz update.

The support for the coincidence that I can offer is that ftp can still be accomplished via the command line and using linux (gftp)...just no functional windoz ftp gui...

Yet, I can't seem to find the update that created the problem, however, and no posts indicating updates may be the cause.

Anyone know mebbe why the server won't respond to winSCP/can suggest a fix for this situation?

Thanks in advance for any response

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