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It would be nice if could copy and suppress any errors and just keep copying until done.

NighTx wrote:
It would be nice if could copy and suppress any errors and just keep copying until done.

I agree. For example:
Copying a directory tree from a windows server where files are being accessed (locked) by users while the copy is running is rather tedious, since you'll have to confirm that you want to skip each locked file.

A "Skip all" option would be nice in these cases.

absolutely. maybe its possible to write the failed transfers to the log-file instead of prompting on each file?


YES, it is an ESSENTIAL piece of freedom to be able to say "ignore all" or "skip all" or "continue with next" or whatever, to ensure that all the files that can be downloaded WILL be downloaded, even in scripted unattended mode.
As soon as you say /script [...] /nointeractiveinput however, the session will CLOSE upon any error.
My questions are:
Why would this be the only option given
How come every thread that talks about this major shortcoming simply dies?
Crying or Very sad
svArtist again


See this is what happens if people just abandon threads after finding a solution (or merely giving up for that matter)
People like me might get a little overboard and post a post like the above, reviving a long dead thread in an agitated tone - i apologize... -.-

For some reason the following isn't often talked about:
in addition to the
switch in your batch file (or whatever you use to call, be sure to define the option
option batch continue
in your scripts - NOT just option batch on, which seems to be widely assumed - this should do the trick

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