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I use ultramon to manage my taskbar with my dual screen setup, ultramon places 2 icons at the top right of the screen with which u can send the window to the other screen with one click or maximize it on both screens.

When i use WinSCP and click the send to other screen button, it goes to the other screen but only the titlebar with the minimize, maximize and exit button remains.
There is no way to get that instance of WinSCP working again after that, i have to close it and relogin.

This happens to me like 20 times a day, because i'm so used to that button.
Older releases of WinSCP don't have this behaviour, but then i have some bugs that are solved in the new versions.

Can this please be fixed in the next update, or is there a fix?
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This is know issue, but I do not know how to solve it Sad
Martin Prikryl


I'm using Ultramon 2.6 ( and WinSCP 3.8.2 (Build 330) and I do not observe this problem. I'm using Microsoft certified NVidia Drivers.


This is affecting me also.

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