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It is a very little change that would make me very happy.

My Situation:
i navigat on remote host by tipping the start of a directory name and the hit enter to go into it.
it seems like: va<enter>ww<enter>loca<enter>htd<enter>...
now it happens 2 times to me that when i try to hit enter i also hit the delete button. winscp response so fast that it insteandly accepts the enter as confirmation of the delete dialog, and i can look while a whole directory moves finaly to /dev/null

the solution would be easy: just unfocus the OK in the confirmation dialog, or do (like other procs) disable it for about 1 to 2 seconds

PS. i recogniced also that the abort button of the delete process doesnt response on hammering on ESC Confused i was to lazy to jump over to the mouse to abort the process xD
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I'll consider that, but I do not give it high priority, though Smile
Martin Prikryl


    When Session sheet is automatically selected on Login dialog (creation of new session, etc.), the Host name box is focused.

Oh yeah, thats much more important than accidentally deleting whole server directorys cause of focus Wink
*still hopes on an salvation*

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