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Hi, I wrote a small batch file to process a nightly file transfer to another server. Basically, my script calls WinSCP3, and gives it some commands to run, then asks it to exit.

Here's the script:
winscp3 (server login info) /command "option batch on" "option confirm off" "put c:\dump.txt test.txt" "exit"

Now, my problem is this. The script runs completely fine when I am logged in and run it manually. However, I want to schedule it using Task Scheduler and then log out of the PC. In that case, the script is run at the scheduled time, but WinSCP3 (version 3.8.2) hangs. If I login after that and go to Task Manager, WinSCP3 is listed in there as "running", but nothing is happening. Any reason why? I'd appreciate all help and input to get this resolved. Thanks!


This issue was fixed when we specified an account to run the job in Task Scheduler and made sure that account had "logon as system service" rights.

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