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I know how to back up the registry, and I know about using an INI file, but I don't know how to transfer the saved sessions from one to the other!

I have been using the registry to store my sessions, but now I want to switch to an INI file instead. If I change the storage (via the UI) to INI file and restart WinSCP, it only lists 4 out of the 20 (ish) sessions I had stored in the registry.

I am using WinSCP 3.8.2 (Build 330) on Windows XP Pro (SP2).

Any help gratefully received.

OK, after several attempts it has finally done it by itself. Don't know why it wouldn't do it before, but it's now working. Rolling Eyes
Taslim Mazumder Sohel


I want to do the same thing. Can you write detail, please.
Sohel Taslim


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