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I fail logging in with WinSCP 4.0.0 (Build 342) using the IBSH Shell [1]. The message I get with WinSCP is "Error skipping statup message. Your shell is probably incompatible with the application (BASH is recommed).".

I contacted the requirements section of your documentation [2] and included the list of commands in the ibsh command whitelist, which now looks like this:
alias, cd, chgrp, chmod, chown, echo, exit, groups, ln, logout, ls, mkdir, mv, passwd, pwd, rm, scp, unalias, unset

Uploading files using the unix `scp` command does work fine.

I had no luck searching the forums for the shell or the error message. I suspect I am not alone with this problem, perhaps you can point me to the right posts?

How can I investigate further in the problem? I took a look at the log file [3] but could not find any valid hints, which mean something to me and help me solving the problem.

I could give you access to an account restricted using the ibsh on my server, if that helps diagnosing the problem, or you could tell me how to debug this any further. Or are there even shells better suited for this task, which restrict the user to his home directory, only allow a specified sets of commands and work with WinSCP?

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First check log of your server. The server probably terminates the connection (closes the shell). You may find out why.

You can also try scponly shell.
Martin Prikryl


I think I discovered the underlying problem.

It is hidden in the parameter parsing code of the ibsh. It results in

$ echo "foo bar"
> "foo bar"

The " around the output are totally unexpected by WinSCP (which is of course correct). Thanks for the help, it is a problem in IBSH, I will try to fix it there.

Is there a fix for this?

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