hey ........ i really like this app but 1 thing



hey ........ i really like this app but 1 thing

i really like this app and all really nice.

I want to give it to my customers so they can easily access their servers etc.

One complaint just one.

the SHELL command prompt provided, it sucks ;)

i need something like putty how they do it like a true one, not one where you put commands and and it it shows below, it really sucks when you cant use tab.

could someone please implment this if anything just hook it up so it uses the putty way, im pretty sure its open source too.

well i could really use this badly, i am sure ot donate also :P

i really like whats their so far too.

I did C programming for a while not sure what this is written in but may be able to give a helping hand.

has anyone implemented anything like i am describing before ?

thanks and let me know

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