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When transferring a remote file to a local location and changing the name of the file to match a file that already exists in the local directory in the Copy dialog, the resultant overwrite confirmation dialog states the name of the remote file as the file that is to be overwritten, rather than the local filename. This only happens when transferring from remote to local, and not the reverse.


WinSCP version: 4.0.2 beta
Transfer protocol: SSH
Interface style: Norton commander

To reproduce, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to a server and create a file named test1 on the local machine and a file named test2 on the remote machine (probably best to do this in empty directories on each machine).
  2. Transfer the the file test2 from the remote machine to the local machine.
  3. A dialog labelled Copy. In the text box replace *.* with test1. Also make sure Transfer on background is not selected.
  4. Press the Copy button. A dialog labelled Confirm should appear that says "Local file 'test2' already exists. Overwrite?". Note that test2 is the name of the remote file and not the local file. test1 is overwritten normally, as it should.

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