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I've been using WinSCP for a long time for different tasks but this is the first time I encounter a nasty and persistent problem like this. Basically I connect to an FTP server, go to directory I want there, browse to local directory on the other window (NC look-alike interface) and set the program to keep remote directory up-to-date.

It asks if I want to start with a synchronization, I usually say yes. So, I start modifying my webpages and every time I hit CTRL+S (Save) in my editor I can see 0% -> 100% flashing in the taskbar and know that the update was successful. However, around ~5 minutes editing and uploading, WinSCP freezes at 0% and crashes completely (Vista says it's not responding) or then it reports Upload failed. No reason whatsoever.

The server and basic settings are fine (I haven't touched any advanced) and I really can't figure out what's causing this. Everything goes fine at the beginning always, but then WinSCP freezes/crashes. I really don't know how to describe this more accurately, but please ask if any suggestions or ideas come to mind.
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Can I have your email address so I can send you a debug version?


This isn't exactly related to the OP, but because I don't have a proper bug report and only want to report a sporadic issue I figured I'd tag along at risk of hijacking the thread.

For a few weeks I was using the new FTP functionality pretty regularly on Vista, editing files quite a bit through Vim, and WinSCP was locking up *A LOT*. I mean, multiple times per day.

We've since gotten SFTP access to our server so this isn't urgent for me, but if you'd like my help in troubleshooting I'll do what I can. Feel free to contact me here: <invalid hyperlink removed by admin>


Oops, forgot to mention the version:

4.0.3 b 345

I know this is one rev behind and I'd be happy to upgrade if appropriate. But I'm not using FTP in my day-to-day much anyway, and it's not locking up with SFTP.

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