Scripting and synchronize



Scripting and synchronize

I am trying to synchronize a local folder (primary) with a remote folder (backup) which is a subfolder of the remote root. I need this to be run from a scheduled script. I tried doing this:

winscp404 myprofile /command "option synchdelete on" "synchronize remote U:\test1 /test1"

It deleted all of the files in the other folders on the remote server (not subfolders of test1). I had winscp write a log to verify that's what it was doing.

Then, I tried to turn off the deleting, with:

winscp404 myprofile /command "option synchdelete off" "synchronize remote U:\test1 /test1"

It STILL deleted the other files. In the log it has the statement:

Collecting synchronization list for local directory 'U:\test1' and remote directory '/test1', mode = 0, params = 3

and then later it synchronizes the current directories instead:

Synchronizing local directory 'U:\' with remote directory '/', params = 3

The server I am using is freeFTPd for SFTP. The version of winscp is 405.

Can someone help please?

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