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I've been trying to upload to a server (using SFTP-3) and when an error occurs, WinSCP won't reconnect automatically, but instead sits there waiting for me to click "Reconnect" from a popup window. If I am not around to click it, by the time I come back, I have to start the transfer again. I have the following configuration:

1) Background transfer is enabled by default
2) "No confirmations for background transfers" is enabled
3) "Automatically reconnect session if it breaks during transfer" is enabled, set for 2 seconds.
4) "Enable transfer resume" is enabled for files above 100kb (the file I am trying to upload is above 100kb)

Why won't auto reconnect work?

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What version of WinSCP are you using? Do you have the same problem when uploading on foreground? What is the error message then connection is interrupted?
Martin Prikryl


I am using: v4.0.5 (Build 454)

I didn't try the upload in the foreground. I will try it.

Over the various attempts, I got two types of error messages. One was something to do with a 'network' error, the other 'software'. I know these are vague responses to your questions - I will try to re-run the upload to get more specifics.

leenewm wrote:
I am using: v4.0.5 (Build 454)

Sorry... build 354 not 454

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