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The history of many problems:

He dl'ed ziphone installer with iphone 1.1.4 to get the apps

then he couldn't get into the email or use youtube (it said wrong name and/or password)

so he found a "solution" which was to go under mobile finder then applications then mail app to try and change the permission number from 551 to 777. In the thread that he read these instructions on it just says make sure you have all options under permissions checked.

BUT there was no way to change the number on the actual phone so we downloaded WinSCP and under the winscp FAQ's it said that after we are logged in to click the ".." until we see "root" then to move "root" into "applications" but we couldn't, so I moved the whole "var" folder into applications annnnnnnnd then it wouldn't open "var" anymore.

Then the phone froze and he restarted it and noticed that all of his settings and contacts were missing. The time got changed to GMT (from EST) and we can't change it back nor can we locate any of the contacts via WinSCP.

Then after all of this we watched a YouTube tutorial (that we got on another thread) and it was for how to enable your mail on iphones... it said go on WinSCP then open private then var then mobile then library and in there you right click the folder called mail and delete it. and it said if it deleted successfully then to exit WinSCP and restart the iphone then go into settings and it should be all set.... but it didn't work.

Now, he's still missing the contents of his phone, contacts, the mail folder is no longer in WinSCP ANNNNNNND it's not letting us log into winscp anymore...

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Sorry, but this is not a support forum for iPhone. We can hardly help you here.
Martin Prikryl

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