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For some reason I cannot get the synchronization working. When I run the task it just gives me a quick flicker and then nothing - no log, nothing.. I have tried following the FAQ and this is my setup (below). If I add user@host in the command line, the script will run fine manually, but still nothing when I run it through the scheduler.

Task is pointing at:

sync.bat looks like this:
winscp.exe /ini=user@host.ini /script=user@host.txt /log=user@host.log

The ini holds:
user@host=*lots of data*

rsa2@22:host=*lots of data*


PublicKeyFile=*path to key*
RemoteDirectory=*remote dir*

script.txt holds:
option batch continue
option confirm off
option synchdelete on
option transfer automatic
synchronize remote "local dir" "remote dir"
synchronize both "another local dir" "another remote dir"

Am I missing something obvious here? I'm no computer wiz, so please help me get this going.
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First hint: Command line refers to user@host.txt, while in the post you mention script.txt.
Second hint: Run the script from console window (cmd.exe), so that the output does not disappear and you can see any possible error message.
Martin Prikryl
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Hi prikryl
Thanks for the reply

I managed to get it working. What I had to do was to create a .bat file which calls the other .bat holding the winscp command. Really weird..

Maybe a path issue or something. Anyhow, It's working OK now!

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