Topic "slooooow file xfer performance using Windows 2008 x64"

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I'm using the 4.1.3 beta on Windows 2008 x64 to transfer files to a solaris (probably 9) machine that's only 1 gateway away.

if I use cygwin's scp command to copy the same files (from the x64 to the solaris box), it goes through lighning quick.

if I use winscp, it takes 10's of minutes.

the files (4) are around 70MB total size.

I'm using a 100-FDX connection throughout.

why does winscp take soooo long?

I think it's a bug, but I'm willing to be convinced otherwise if there is something I should do to 'fix' it!

please advise.

keep up the otherwise excellent work that's been put into this project's result!

best regards,
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Try to switch to SCP.
Also read FAQ.
Martin Prikryl
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I did that, even trying enabling compression, and it appears to have made no difference.

the workstation is not particularly processor constrained, as it's a fairly new dual quad core xeon with 8gb of memory, and it's just chugging along not doing much else while the xfer is taking place.

it's essentially me pushing compiled code to a target machine.

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