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i was wondering if you could fix the session heirarchy so the / are the correct way round and compatible with the majority of session management software (all the ones i've used use \)?

I use ssc which requires the / to be \; this character is banned in winscp however, is it not possible to just allow \ even if it doesn't form part of the session heirarchy.

Is this a hard fix? I would attempt to patch, however i believe borland is pay software which prevents me from trying it out Sad

Thank you
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What do you need this for? To import sessions from PuTTY?
Martin Prikryl

martin wrote:
What do you need this for? To import sessions from PuTTY?


Yes, when i use putty and ssc:

then in SSC:

In SCP i can't import anything from putty and it is incompatible with SSC and all the session managers I've used because the slashes are the wrong way round:

The character \ is banned, so I can't take use my session management software at all, i have to go through winscp to get to a box i need which is much slower.

This means:
a) SCP is not compatible with any session management software
b) Putty sessions can't be imported

For example, if i want to get onto an ssh session, i press alt+\; which pops up a session hierarchy for me to choose and it takes < second to choose the box i want. To use scp in SSC i must not use winscp sessions and have a flat structure ie. enter it as AREA-user- and just have a list. Or if i want to use a session hierarchy I have to go through winscp which involves more work.

Info on ssc here:
<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Winscp is incompatible because it uses / instead of \ for session management; and if you put a / in the filename it does not appear in ssc.

i tried a few other session management tools (SSC is the best) and they all had problems with winscp because the slashes are the wrong way round.

Is that enough info?

Is there a quick way to remove the block on \ as a character when storing sessions? I know someone who has borland c++ compiler so if its simple i can get a custom build

This appears to be another bug raised against this:

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