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Am using the Recycle Bin option on an SFTP connection I've established and when transferring files manually using the UI, winSCP happily uses an archive folder that I've setup. It places the old file after renaming it with a time and date into this directory on the FTP site with no issues.

When calling winSCP via the command line (through SSIS) it runs from a script that essentially does the same thing; opens connection, copies file to SFTP location, closes connection. (Script below fro reference)
However, this method doesn't use the Recycle Bin feature.

Is there an option I need to set in the script or in the command line options??

Any help would be much appreciated.

script I'm calling;
# Connect to saved session
Open SFTPSession

#Allow file overwrites
Option batch on
option confirm off

# Put a specific file in a location
put C:\Foldername\FileName.csv

# Close connection

# Exit WinSCP
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Thanks for your post. This bug has been added to tracker.

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