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Where I work, we download "*.tif" files with WinSCP using the following include file mask:
*/; *.tif

That generally works well, but sometimes I need to download *.tif files from some of the subdirs. Maybe an example will make things clear. Normally I navigate to a directory (someSubdir) in the example below, select it, and use the file include mask above to get all of the files. For some of my tasks, I just want to select a subset of channels to download. My directory structure is as follows;

someSubdir/cell.<1 or 2>/channel.<1 thru 25>/position.n/camera.n/images/*.tif

The "*/" mask (in the top of this message) seems to work as expected. When combined with the "*.tif" mask, it selects all files ending in ".tif" from all subdirs beneath the point I selected in the GUI. But when I try to specify a path using examles similar to the following, they all come back with no files in the transfer queue:
cell.*/channel.1/*/*/images/; *.tif
cell.*/channel.1/*/*/images/; cell.*/channel.25/*/*/images/; *.tif
cell.*/channel.1/*/*/images/*.tif; cell.*/channel.25/*/*/images/*.tif

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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This one should work:
*/cell.*/channel.*/*/*/images/; *.tif
Martin Prikryl

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