local and remote user accounts


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local and remote user accounts

I have been testing transfers with a domain account and using windows scheduler. this works fine but as soon as I change to running the session under a different user but still logged in to the local machine with a domain account i get no response from the FTP server. If I use the domain account to run the scheduled task but use a different session to log into the FTP server I get a prompt for password. once I enter the password the file transfers and session is complete.

I would like to automate the logon process and session so that the scheduler script runs under a domain account but logs into the FTP session with a different session account.

the script looks like this in the scheduler.
c:\WinSCP.exe /log=c:\winscp.log /console /command "open tempus@" "get test c:\test_bat"

I am logged into the local machine with a domain account of mharper. when I run the scheduler.

I have continued to test and with some mods to my script i was able to get this working the way I want.
here is the script I am using now the last issue is some sort of rights on the web server as to listing the contents of the directory.
c:\WinSCP.exe /log=c:\winscp.log /console /command "open tempus:tempusftp@" "get tempustest c:\test_bat"

It's a server 2003 web server. funny thing is on another server I don't have this issue.

Can't get attributes of file 'file name'.
no such file or directory
error code 2
error message from server : no such file
request code: 7

Mark :shock:

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