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I know, I have read two more posts dealing with the same thing - none of them provided any resolution.

While trying to connect to my machine I receive the following error:
server's host key did not match the signature supplied
WinSCP does not provide additional info on this error.
I am using the latest release 4.1.8 build 415.

My problem, though, looks kind of strange when you look at it:
My computer is at home, running SSH server, listening on default port 22.
It is connected to the Internet via a router which is also running SSH on port 22 on both LAN and WAN interfaces.
Because of the above, the router forwards incoming traffic on port 21 to my machine, port 22 so I can have direct access to home box.

There are three ways I access my home computer:
1. Client box is on the same LAN (at home) - WinSCP connects with no problems.
2. Client box is on the Internet and I use tunneling (I know - tunneling SSH connection with SSH looks weird but it works Wink ): I connect to my home PC on port 22 via router's SSH - again, no problems.
3. Connection is made from the Internet but is made directly - to port 21 of my WAN address (so it is forwarded to port 22 of SSH server) - this strangely results in an error in subject Sad

Other information:
- I use private key authentication to both home PC and router - but this should be irrelevant to the problem
- connecting with Putty brings the same results (scenario 1 and 2 - success, scenario 3 - failure with the same error)
- tried to use Bitvise Tunellier - same results as with Putty
- I use portaPutty but also tested version .60 of the "normal" Putty - same results
- it worked like charm before.

Any ideas?
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Sorry, I have no idea. You may get better answer from PuTTY team.
Martin Prikryl

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