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My requriment is to take the latest file from remote and store it in loacl. The file name is appended with date.
exp: abc01022009.txt.

i am using the below script

@echo off

:: Find the Current date MMDDYYYY

for /F "tokens=1-4 delims=/ " %%i in ('date /t') do (
set DayOfWeek=%%i
set Month=%%j
set Day=%%k
set Year=%%l
echo %Month%
echo %Day%
If %Month% LEQ 9 Set LMonth=0%Month%
If %Month% GEQ 10 Set LMonth=%Month%
If %Day% LEQ 9 Set LDay=0%Day%
If %Day% GEQ 10 Set LDay=%Day%

set fname = abc_%LMonth%%LDay%%Year%.TXT

:: Copying the BPD Gun Offender Registry files from FTP server * * *
cd C:\Program files\WinSCP biftp@ftpe:22 /command "lcd C:\backup" "get fname" "exit" /privatekey="C:\keyfiles\id.ppk"

I am not able to get the file name.

Please help to achive this
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