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Starting with the 4.1.8 version of WinSCP, whenever I log into a remote *nix server, after I navigate to a directory and make a file transfer (either direction), the subdirectories therein no longer display in the main window. If I open the directory tree window, the subdirectories don't show up there either. If I try to refresh, nothing happens. I can, however, remotely navigate into directories that are mirrored on my local machine by using synchronous browsing. I've experienced this behavior on three different local machines (all XP-SP3 with all updates). The machines I am remotely logging into are running Solaris4 or Linux.


A few more items. The file transfer protocol is SFTP-3, and when logging is running, I can't duplicate the phenomenon. The directories are always there. Turn off logging and they disappear.
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Can you post a screenshot before and after transfer?

"Starting with the 4.1.8": What was the last version, where it did work?
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