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Can WinSCP tell if a remote file is finished being created? Will it throw an error if the file is not complete or will it try to transfer a partial file?
Explanation: On some platforms the size of a file is zero bytes until it is complete. On other platforms, the size increases as the file is being created. So one solution to this is to create a corresponding little flag file that indicates when a file is complete, so that when the little file is found, then an automated process knows it can FTP the full/complete file. So, I was wondering what WinSCP's various flavors of FTP (non-secure and secure) will do in determining file completion. Will it fail? Will it throw a warning?
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That's not about client (WinSCP). That's about server allowing access to incomplete (opened) file. In general on Unix there's no way to determine that file is being written to. On Windows though, opened files may be (and generally are) locked from being access by another process.

Thanks, Martin. I was thinking that would be the case, but didn't know if you had discovered a secret for determining file completion on all platforms. So, thanks for the confirmation. - Scott

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