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andi m.


Hi prikryl,

I am working a while now with WINSCP and it was always a pleasure.
I used the no-install standalone version with ini-file ( no registry ) on a Win XP SP3 pc with absolutely no problem.
Yesterday I downloaded the 4.22 standalone version and copied the old winscp421.ini to a winscp422.ini. Everytime since then when I start WINSCP I get the "no disk in drive e:" (which is my cd-rom).
Even switching back to winscp4.21 brings up the error, which never happend before I started winscp4.22 once.
I checked the startup with regmon & filemon and couldnt find anything.

Some more informations:

1. with a cd in drive e: the error is gone but comes back on next start without cd in drive e:
2. I started winscp422.exe from cmdline with switch /log=log.txt but the logfile didnt show anything about e: (I can send you the file if needed)

Hopefully you can help me ?

If you wanna send a debug version: andi_mue (at)



n.b. I post my error as a new topic because I dont know, if follow ups in an old thread are answered
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Will send you debug version soon.
Martin Prikryl
andi m.



yesterday I tried to find the "no disk" error without success. I rebooted 2 times without success. An error message every time I start winscp 4.22 Sad

Today I started winscp 4.22 and guess what: no error message Confused
I dont know what happend.

Anyway you can send me the debug version and I can use this one in case the error returns



maybe the solution from wgmoore (Posted: 1 Jul 2009 08:03) in thread
may be the answer to my problem and for others, who have this "no disk" error.

Thanks wgmoore and Martin Prikryl

Andi Very Happy

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