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I have the feeling, that WinSCP does not copy contents to a temporary file and then replace the original file when uploading.

Today I changed one PHP script.

$query = "SELECT ... FROM tbl1 s INNER JOIN tbl2 e ON s.sid=e.sid";

$query = "SELECT ... FROM tbl1 s INNER JOIN tbl2 e ON s.sid=e.sid";

The only difference is the removal of two slashes of comment: //$first.

So, exactly when I uploaded the script, someone visited it, and received the following MySQL error:

SELECT ... FROM tbl1 s INNER JOIN tbl2 e ON s.sid=d=e.sid
1054: Unknown column 'd' in 'on clause'

As you can see, in the original query, I don't have a table 'd', and obviously I don't have a construct like 's.sid=d=e.sid'...So, the the only reason that I have in mind is that the query string was 2 signs right before the update and the symbols 'd=' were taken from the end of 's.sid=' producing as a result 's.sid=d=e.sid'.
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I'm not exacly sure what you mean. Can you write me the steps that you do that lead to this? Log file can be useful also.
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