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I want to specify the local directory with a path relative to the
location of the WinSCP executable (portable version).

No matter how I try to specify it, the local directory pane on
the left does not show the specified directory (it is blank with
no path shown and no contents). I have tried (in a session's
settings in winscp.ini):


None of them work.

For WinSCP to be truly portable, this directory specification
should be relative to the executable location. In fact it should
even work to specify e.g.:


I searched the Tracker for "LocalDirectory", no hits. By the
way, trying to use the Search box on the front page for
"LocalDirectory", and specifying "Whole Site", shows nothing.
Yet searching this forum does show some hits (but not this
issue). Oh, your front page searching is dependent on scripting
being enabled for Google, that's why it fails (I use Scroogle).

Ref: winscp423.exe renamed to winscp.exe; WinXP Pro SP3
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Thanks for your post. This issue has been added to tracker.
Martin Prikryl

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