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No shell for SFTP?


The SCP/SFTP information page states following for SFTP:
"Unlike SCP, for connection with SSH server, you do not need access to shell. "

How do I make this possible? I tried with different settings on a linux server but I cannot login without a shell configured for the user. Can somebody help me with this, or explain what is meant with the above statement?
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By the sentence abouve, I have rather meant, that WinSCP does not require the shell itself. Wrong wording, I'm sorry. It is platform dependent, whether user needs to have shell access to run sftp-server. At least OpenSSH requires shell access for this. But the only thing that the shell do is that it launches sftp-server binary. So you may setup restricted shell, which allows only this. You may also setup forced command associated with private key. This page may also help you.
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Thanks, my researches pointed in this direction.

There are two existing good solutions as I see it. Using the rssh shell or scponly shell. Both shells enables scp and sftp only. Rssh seems more secure, but does not allow Winscp to connect in scp mode, only in sftp. The good thing with scponly, they have a nice jail script for chroot.

We have currently a server with scponly installed and it seems running fine. The sftp feature in Winscp is very welcome! Thanks.

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